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Redvey academy is one of the world's largest not-for-profit membership associations for training, with more than 250,000 members and credential holders in more than 165 countries.

Exclusively available to Redvey Academy members, our communities of practice are interactive places for you to meet online, discuss ideas and build the profession's body of knowledge.Training is vocational schooling  

Leadership vs Management, What's the Difference

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The completed training and its impact on society and working life And individual development in practical development

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ICDL - IT Training Courses - Computer Degrees


IELTS - TOEFL - Cambridge English .

Professional training

Accounting Diploma - Engineering Division - Human Development Courses .

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Scientific research is the collection of information from its reliable sources and then codifying and analyzing it and extracting the results in an organized way to reach the facts that affect the writer's case. The scientific research process begins with the researcher who selects a specific issue or event, and the writer uses the method of the research method to reach the results after analyzing them. The researcher must be accurate and objective during his research.

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